Listen to the sound of wikipedia

This is a way to listen to changes to wikipedia. You are literally listening to knowledge being added to the world.

Pluck sounds are an addition, strings are subtractions, and the pitch says how how big the edit is. My heart shudders at this I love it so much.


Vivienne Westwood F/W 2012 rtw


REN HANG (via S/S 2014 issue 21)


*Aggressive voguing*

house hunters international is on netflix now!!! what a time to be alive!!!


Daria Strokous backstage at Anna Sui S/S 2011

Dead Sea, Israel

Swimmers float effortlessly in the salt-laden waters of the Dead Sea near Ein Bokek, Israel. Ten times saltier than seawater, the lake is extremely buoyant and a popular destination for holidaymakers. It’s also Earth’s lowest point on land.

oof someone sit on my face

❝ You know, when I was younger there were certain designers who hadn’t used models of color in their shows, and Christy and Linda said to them, ‘If you don’t take Naomi, then you don’t get us.’ My friends and comrades stuck up for me—and that doesn’t happen in fashion. I will never forget that. I don’t forget what people do. No matter how many years go by, I always remember. ❞
Naomi Campbell


The ankle boots in primary colours @ Dior Fall 2014 Couture


The hip hop hero!