sharing photos from my trip to mexico d.f. last month on my blog 


Edie Campbell in “Wizard" for Love #12, ph. Tim Walker

hante replied to your post: every boy with a big beard is so annoy…

this is so true gays with beards are literally so fucking annoying like cool you can grow hair on your face

no im talkin  the big bushy ones. i’ve only ever seen straight boys with those ones those are the ones that think they’re the coolest people ever and its ANNOYING!!!!!

same goes with annoying curly moustaches just please stop

every boy with a big beard is so annoying and thinks they’re so cool because they have a beard 

Lol guess who just got approved for a credit card

Little Hunty Things #138: When Ya H*nties Are Online..(: x

I just wanted to say that you and your bf are the cutest things and you're such an inspiration to me. I don't know why but you give me hope haha.

aw thank you that’s so sweet!!!<3 aw ilu anon bby :***

life is like a box of chicken. EAT IT!!!

Give Up
FKA twigs